Ligui丽柜 | 兔子&妖妖双生花之浪漫假日泳池边的丝足泳衣

Ligui丽柜 | 兔子妖妖双生花之浪漫假日泳池边的丝足泳衣 3

Ligui丽柜 | 兔子妖妖双生花之浪漫假日泳池边的丝足泳衣






Ligui丽柜 | 兔子&妖妖双生花之浪漫假日泳池边的丝足泳衣 4

Sunshine, blue sky, clear swimming pool, and two beautiful beauties, Rabbit and Yaoyao, are all synonymous with youth. In this romantic holiday background, they transformed into peerless twin flowers, sharing their beauty with us with full girlish hearts.

Rabbit, the fair-skinned, slightly red girl, wore a white swimsuit and stiletto heels, walking lightly by the pool. The stockings on her feet were like the waves in a swimming pool, flickering and flowing with her movements, showing a unique charm.

Yaoyao is the sexy and open girl. Her black swimsuit contrasts sharply with her skin color, highlighting her slender figure. Like Rabbit, she also wore a pair of thin stockings on her feet. She took every step with confidence, as if the whole world was at her feet.

The two beauties were playing and having fun by the pool. The surging ripples and splashes of water were like the notes in their laughter, strung together into a beautiful song. Not only does it show their beauty, this set of pictures is a tribute to youth, freedom, and friendship.

If you still remember those happy times with friends by the pool, then this set of pictures will definitely touch the softest place in your heart. Join Rabbit and Goblin as they reminisce about beautiful moments of summer, swimming pools and friendship.

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