MagicMirror 魔镜少女 | 星奈原味白袜伴食物踩踏强制喂食吸入原味白袜

MagicMirror 魔镜少女SM恋足调教视频下载 | 星奈原味白袜伴食物踩踏强制喂食吸入原味白袜
MagicMirror 魔镜少女 | 星奈原味白袜伴食物踩踏强制喂食吸入原味白袜 3

MagicMirror 魔镜少女SM恋足调教视频下载 | 星奈原味白袜伴食物踩踏强制喂食吸入原味白袜


MagicMirror 魔镜少女 | 星奈原味白袜伴食物踩踏强制喂食吸入原味白袜 4

Sena has put on a big production this time. In the preparation stage, first put bread slices on the sole of one foot, wrap it in a plastic bag and tie it up; apply yogurt on the other foot, also wrap it in a plastic bag and tie it up.
Then I put on the socks and boots that hadn’t been washed for half a month; I walked around for a while, letting the sweat from my feet soak into the bread and yogurt. Start calling the slave. The slave is tied up at this time, with only his nose exposed to breathe.
Then he deodorizes the slave’s body, tramples on the slave at will, and when he steps on the crotch, he deliberately ravages, crushes, steps, and stays for a long time.
The slave is forced to smell the shoes and original white socks, and then continues to step on the face and crotch while wearing the white socks.
Then take off your socks, put one of the socks in a bowl, pour hot water and soak it. Then he took out the bread from the plastic bag on his feet. The bread had been trampled into a thin piece.
Sena Minu ate the bread, licked the yogurt and sweat from the other foot clean, and swallowed the chewed banana;
Then force the slave to drink the water in which the socks are soaked, put the socks into the slave’s mouth, and order the slave to chew and clean the socks. Put another sock on the slave’s nose and fix it with tape to continue sniffing.

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